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Allan Graves


To create experiences that teach a bridge player at any level the skills needed for you to become the player you aspire to be.


To enable you to achieve the analytical and focusing skills required to become an expert bridge player through one on one training, we meet at a private club (members only and no kibitzers) on Bridge Base Online (BBO). Using specially designed BBO teaching software and my data base of thousands of thematically sorted hands, we begin a curriculum of learning the various themes and techniques of card play relevant to your skill level and consequently to your improvement. We work with these themes at bridge base by having you play and defend hands that I have created. We dialogue through online free computer phone such as skype.

The learning here is experiential which is fundamental to improving your at-the-table performance. You commit to work with these themes on your own schedule by working problems from source material such as problem text books, material from me and from other sources that I recommend. We work on understanding the language of bidding and the strategic implications of why we choose the bid we do. This is regardless of the system we have chosen or the relative complexity of the method.

System is not the solution to becoming a better bidder. The genuine solutions occur through understanding what we are doing and why. Then you have the principles to apply to any chosen system. We work with the issues around improving and maintaining your focusing skills. All the skill in the world is of no use if we cannot bring our skill and enthusiasm to the table under competitive conditions. Initial trial evaluation sesson about 1/2 hour, complimentary. Subsequent Sessions $75 for single sessions, sets of 5 $300. Sessions are about 1 hr and 15 minutes.

Allan Graves Bridge accomplishments

Member, Canadian Bridge Hall of Fame

Winner, 2013 Jacoby Open Swiss NABC

USA-1 Senior Team 2013

Winner, USBF Senior Trials 2013

Winner, 2008 Senior Swiss NABC

Winner, 1986 North American Swiss, NABC

World International Master, Olympiad Bronze Medal

ACBL Grand Life Master, 3 Nationals, many high placings

7- time winner of the Canadian International trials (CNTC)

Chosen to represent Canada in 7 Olympiads and 2 Bermuda Bowls.

University degree in Education experience in child and family counseling

Allan Graves Connect

Reach me at or 323-229-2016 to arrange a meeting at my private club at bridgebase online.

Allan playing with Sr World Champion Ed Schulte and students Kimberly and Cookie

Allan and team at the Penticton BC Regional

Study, practice, teach mindfulness training in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition

Tournament bridge player since 1965 when only 15 years old

Allan Graves